atha yoga anusasanam

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra I.I
Now the practice of yoga begins …is offered and shared
I hope I can share the gift of yoga with you

I’m a passionate yogi and yoga teacher based in south west London. Yoga means so much to me that I hope I can share the gift of yoga with you.

As an active teenager with an interest in dance and gymnastics Debbie came across a Yoga manual full of fabulous photos of a young woman posing in various yoga postures. She immediately tried to imitate these while watching herself in the mirror. Clearly only connecting to her teenage vanity and ego at the time! However, fast forward a decade or two to 2005 Debbie joined a yoga class to help in the recovery and rehabilitation of a persistent back injury. Only this time fully appreciating the deeper health and well-being benefits. And so began her yoga journey, the more she practised the more she came to realise the truly life enhancing benefits the practice has to offer.

For Debbie stepping on to the mat feels a safe place to just be, a space to pause, to breathe, to listen, to feel, to explore, to pay attention, to meditate and to be present with what is.

Yoga has become a constant in Debbie’s life, keeping her healthy and strong while keeping her grounded and more present as she navigates the ups and downs of day to day living.

Someone once said, ‘Yoga is food for the soul’, it truly is!



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Client Feedback
That was my favourite flow class ever. Loved it! Thank you. Namaste.
‘I highly recommend Debbie as a yoga teacher; she combines gentle, dynamic yoga with deep strengthening and relaxation.

Before attending her classes, I suffered from severe back pain and high levels of stress. After two years of practise, I am now able to master my breathing in stressful situations and am also able to self-treat my back pain. I believe this is because Debbie has a unique, informative, teaching approach; her wealth of knowledge means she is able to explain the provenance, benefits and exact positioning, to enable you to take your practise back home with you. Thank you Debbie!’
Linda Green
Director, Leading Creative Talent

“I was recommended Debbie’s class by a friend and am so pleased to have found it! Debbie is welcoming and inclusive – she gets the balance just right of physical and spiritual input. I really look forward to my Saturday morning sessions and have found it very beneficial in rebuilding core strength post-surgery.”
Lucy Harley
Debbie has a very unique, calm and friendly approach to her yoga that makes you instantly feel at ease. Her classes are thoughtful, challenging and inspiring. I always leave feeling lighter and with a healthier look on life. I cannot recommend Debbie highly enough.
Jess McDonald
Sports & Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist
Summit Wellbeing
You are the best yoga teacher I have had because of your calm caring nature, and patience and acceptance of beginners like me who are not always technically good with poses. I like the way you help to correct & improve a pose, and yet always make me feel ok about the level I’m at.  I like the variation in lessons each time too.

Sarah Appelboom

Debbie is extremely knowledgeable and provides a variety of flows which work all areas on the body in a relaxed and supportive environment.  Her attitude is to encourage and guide, sometimes with a caring and subtle hands-on correction which gives you more from the practice.  I’m never overwhelmed with frustration by what my body cannot do, but joyed by discovering and learning what it can.

Shona Hunter

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